Well hello there!

Yes, you have just stumbled upon my very own blog. Yes. Me. A blogger. Who’d have thought it? A girl who can’t keep New Year’s resolutions or stick a healthy diet for more than a few days, is starting a proper blog. But why?


Behold, the beauty behind the blog.

When I started studying English Lit at Cardiff uni, I became immersed in a world of eloquent words and innovative ideas. I soon fell in love with the idea of writing. I took it upon myself to join the team of contributors for the university magazine, Quench. Fast forward nearly two years later and I’m now Features Editor of Quench with a wealth of publishing experience behind me. I have written many articles and academic essays but have never really devoted myself to my own personal project; always writing or editing for the purpose of others. With my ultimate dream to establish and run my own magazine in the future, I figured blogging would be a good place to start.

As you’ve probably guessed from the many categories on this blog, I’m going to write about anything and everything that pops into my head. Anything from general goings on in life to fitness regimes and outfits of the day. I’ve taken the plunge into the vast world of online blogging. Whether I’ll survive or not is up to you lovely people to decide.


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