New Coffee Shop Alert: The Moos

The Moos is the latest new establishment to open on the Cardiff coffee shop scene. Opened only last weekend, the shop boasts a vast selection of delicious vegan juices smoothies, sandwiches and snacks.

Being a non-vegan, I was slightly sceptic. Let’s be honest, no matter how irrationally judgemental it is, some of us non-vegans (especially me) cringe a little bit when we encounter anything to do with veganism. It was not until my good friend, Lauren suggested visiting today that The Moos even crossed my mind. I had heard about it on Facebook but was not too enthusiastic about being in a coffee shop surround by unlike minded people. Silly, I know.

However, I was pleasantly surprised. I ordered a BBQ Pulled Jackfruit roll, made fresh in the shop just before we arrived. Jackfruit? BBQ pulled FRUIT! I’d never heard of it and was confused by the idea. But it was amazing and did not taste too unlike pulled pork! Topped with coleslaw and peanuts, it was a wacky yet satisfying combination. I washed it all down with their Strawberry Shortcake smoothie made from strawberries, oats, bananas, dates, vanilla and soy milk. It was more like a milkshake smoothie hybrid; the best of both worlds. And it was all relatively cheap!

Not that it would or should matter, but for my first time in a vegan establishment, I loved it! The staff were lovely and the shop itself was cute with a minimalistic and quaint interior. I would highly recommend for everyone, vegan and non-vegan alike. I’ll definitely be going back for a coffee soon!

Check out their Facebook page, give them a like and check out their menu!

Also check out Lauren’s blog; she’s awesome.


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