New Month, New Gym!

Monday 1st August. New week, new month, new start! It may be the last official month of the summer season but that doesn’t mean I can’t start working on my summer body now… right?

This summer has been a constant struggle to stay on track. Lie ins and working long hours leaves very little time for the gym and my diet has been calorific to say the least. Well, no more! With Reading Festival only four weeks away, it’s time to up my game. My previous gym membership had just expired *cry cry* and I was getting tired of the same old gym scenery. So yesterday I signed up to The Gym (no points for originality there) on Newport Road.

Getting out of bed this morning was a struggle to say the least. My eyes were heavy, the weather was awful and my motivation was at an all time low. Nevertheless, I donned my Game of Thrones T-shirt and got ready to bring the fire!

Blog gym 1
Cry for me

My struggle is getting to the gym. I always forget how much I actually enjoy it when I finally get there. After a few minutes of walking in, I was back into my usual gym routine. With my kick ass gym playlist on, time quickly flew by and I had got all my enthusiasm for gymming back again. But with great enthusiasm comes a great yearning for cute gym clothes. I was naughty and went on a bit of a haul…


Top: £5 – New Look (Sale).
Sports Bra: £18.99 – Under Armour, Sports Direct.
Leggings: £24 – Nike, Sports Direct.

If these beauties aren’t a good enough excuse to get to the gym then  I don’t know what is!

I now have 23 days and counting to get in the best shape possible. Keep an eye on my Fitness and Food pages to see what I’m getting up to. Wish me luck! 🙂

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