A MighTEE Obsession

Tees are my life. From band t-shirts to comical slogans, I love them all. They come in so many styles, designs and colours and are THE most versatile outfit component out there. Whether it’s a pair of jeans or a a skater skirt, you can literally rock a t-shirt with anything. Even my ‘Mother of Dragons’ tee was a hit at the gym a few days ago. So I’ve taken the time to share my favourite tees with you lovely people. Scroll and behold.

The first of my favourites are also my newest. If you’ve been mooching around Primark lately you may have noticed their huge island of £3 Tees. I stumbled across these beauties and could not resist. Nothing screams summer more than tropical fruit on a t-shirt.

Blog Tee 1

From fruit to fast food, whenever I see a foodie tee, I go for it! This little number is a cropped t-shirt from H&M for £8. This usually goes with my high waisted denim shorts making this another of my go-to summer tees.

Blog Tee 5This ol’ thing is one of my favourite tees ever! It’s super baggy (who doesn’t love super baggy tops?!) and I use it mostly as pyjamas. But it has also gotten me through many days in the library in the run up to deadlines. So where from, you ask? I actually earned  it volunteering for Breakdown Press at the Safari Festival last August. A whole day of handing out leaflets paid off!

Blog Tee 4It’s common knowledge that females in relationships miraculously gain the clothing of their other half. All hail the boyfriend tee! It’s plain, baggy and goes with everything. I’ve used it for everything from pyjamas to a slouchy outfit; tucking it into my favourite pair of skinnies. And the fact that it’s not mine just makes me cling to it even more!

The humble t-shirt is definitely under appreciated in today’s fashion scene. Yet with mine, and other t-shirt fanatics’ love for them, they will hopefully remain timeless items in everyone’s wardrobe.

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