Cosy Club Love Affair

The first rule of Cosy Club is: you tell everyone about Cosy Club.

Anyone who knows me well knows that Cosy Club is one of my favourite food places in the world (so far). I go at every possible opportunity. When Lauren suggested seeing Suicide Squad yesterday, I instantly suggested lunch at Cosy Club beforehand. Having visited over three months ago, it was about time I enveloped myself in its cosy and welcoming embrace one again.


Are these not some of the most photogenic drinks you have ever seen in your life? Now I’m very much a creature of habit. When I find something I like I tend to stick to it. However, rather than ordering my usual lemonade, I decided to try a few new concoctions. First was the  watermelon iced tea. Iced tea is one of my favourite drinks during the summer so when I saw this on the drinks menu I couldn’t refuse. It was lush. Made with tea, watermelon syrup and a smidgen of lemonade, this was by far the best iced tea I have ever had. Then when I saw the option of sherbet lemonade, again, I could not resist. It literally tasted like the lemon sherbet sweets that I used to have on long car journeys when I was younger. Refreshing with a sharp and fruity zing, the sherbet lemonade is definitely one to try.

Now for the most important part. Food. Whenever I come to Cosy Club for lunch, I always order the same thing. Yes. Always. As I said, I am a creature of habit.

Cosy Club 5
Pulled pork, cheese and pepper panini with sweet potato fries. 

Sweet potato fries are always a winner in my book. As is BBQ pulled pork. Along with some very generous helpings of mayo and the refreshing drinks, I was in my ultimate happy place.

Cosy Club 4

With it’s perfectly mismatched hipster interior and affordable food and drink, it is THE place to go in Cardiff for any occasion. I’ve been there for birthday meals, end of semester cocktails, the odd date night as well as a few family gatherings. The fact that I’ve once been three consecutive days in a row should be enough to convince anyone of its sheer awesomeness. And with decor like this, who wouldn’t want to be part of the Cosy Club?

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