Week One Update

It has been one week since I started my get healthy lifestyle. How am I feeling? Not too bad. My diet was super clean for the first three days. I had fresh breakfasts, filling lunches and some quick and easy healthy dinners. Then my life suddenly got very busy and social. Anyhow, let’s start with the good. Warning, the photographs you are about to see are definitely not insta worthy masterpieces.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and to be completely honest, it’s probably the one that I skip the most. I either go all out and make something really nice or give up and have something quick and easy. The two you see above are my maximum effort breakfasts that I usually have as soon as I get in from my morning gym session. The first is scrambled eggs, spinach and smoked salmon on malted bread with a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Smoked salmon is super expensive but great for protein and adds some sophistication and upper class elegance to the start of a day. The second maximum effort breakfast option is bacon and avocado on malted bread. Not as sophisticated but just as delicious as smoked salmon. Avocados can be rather expensive but I managed to pick up a bumper pack of 5/6 from Morrisons for only £1.72. Considering a single avocado can be in excess of £1 in other supermarkets, this was an awesome deal!

Here are my quick breakfast options. Belvita breakfasts are quite frankly awesome. I know it’s a very quick and kind of cheating at breakfast but I was just lacking the effort one day so reached for the box and my smoothie maker. I like to think of myself as a bit of a smoothie fanatic, they are so quick and easy and when made right, can be super delicious. This is my current go-to recipe. I ALWAYS start off with spinach. Spinach is life. Then I usually add two fruits. At the moment I use frozen raspberries and tinned pineapple chunks. To make the smoothie a bit more substantial (and delicious) I add porridge oats and yoghurt. At the moment I’m using mango and passionfruit yoghurt, but I sometimes use natural yoghurt if I have a lot of fruit going on up in there.


My go-to lunch for the week was chicken salad wraps. I know wraps aren’t the healthiest lunch option, but I thought I’d save eating salads like a rabbit until next week. Coupled with m newfound favourite crisps, Pombears and some Go Ahead crispy slices, I didn’t feel all that unhealthy! 🙂


Blog gym week one 12

This unappetising looking dish was my dinner for Monday AND Tuesday. Salmon, spinach, mushroom and broccoli pasta was a winner, especially at work at 1am Wednesday morning. I would usually have used brown pasta but Morrisons didn’t have any… Rude.

Snacks: The best thing about trying to be healthy is that there are now so many different healthy snack choices out there. The only catch is that not all of them are super cheap. Unless you’re eating fresh fruit or nuts, the chances of getting some cheap and quick snacks is highly unlikely.

Blog gym week 1

This one is my new favourite snack. It feeds my chocolate cravings and is totally natural! The only downside is the price. At £1.89 for a pack of 4, they’re not exactly student budget friendly. I think these are going to be a rare treat when my student loan comes in. However, not all healthy snacks taste that great…

I  have never really been a fan of the Nakd range. Despite how awesome the flavours sound, they look and taste far too over processed. Does the face not say it all?! Needless to say, these put me off healthy snacking.

Monday and Tuesday were great. Then everything went downhill on Wednesday. I went over to a family dinner and had a rather generous portion of a lemon yoghurt and cream sundae type desert with raspberries and nearly half a packet of shortbread biscuits. I also went out for lunch on Thursday and let’s be honest, we can’t always be certain what restaurants put in their food. I write off anything that I have at a restaurant as quite unhealthy, even if it is a salad. I managed to redeem myself on Friday with a homemade bacon and spinach ramen for dinner.

So overall this eating healthy thing is not going too badly. Apart form eating out and being given food, everything I ate was relatively healthy. Now it’s Sunday and for doing so well this week, I’m rewarding myself with a celebratory donut. I’ll work it off at the gym tomorrow 😉

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