Suicide Squad: A Failure?

Since its release on the 5th August, Suicide Squad has been a somewhat controversial film. With some claiming it to be a raving success whilst other condemn it to DC’s pile of failures. I had to get in on the conversation so went along on Friday to see what all the fuss was about.

Now I must warn you, I know very little about the world of superheroes within Marvel and DC. Apart from the Joker, I went in not knowing who any of the characters in the film actually were. Anyhow, on with the verdict.

The Good:
The relationship between Harley Quinn and The Joker was by far one of my favourite parts of the film. The time was taken to flash back and explain their situation and the continuous references to their relationship throughout the film made it the focal point of much of the action that occurred. Another thing I can’t fault the film for is the soundtrack. Many songs such as Twenty-one Pilots’s ‘Heathens’ and Grace’s ‘You Don’t Own Me’ along with favourites such as ‘Without Me’ by Eminem and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ covered by Panic! at the Disco, gave the film the perfect balance of dark melancholy and nostalgic euphoria.

The Bad:
I found the opening of the film to be a little too long. It shouldn’t take more that 30 minutes to explain the position of each character and set up a basis for the rest of the film right? Or is that just me? Yet despite putting so much effort into establishing characters at the beginning, the character development throughout the film is quite frankly shocking. If you wanted to see a film about Harley Quinn or Deadshot’s mission to see his daughter again then you were in for a treat. However, the depth with which these two characters were explored was phenomenal compared to others such as Captain Boomerang and Killer Croc. This was disappointing to say the least; I’m used to watching 3 hour-long Avengers films where all characters are given roughly the same amount of screen time and development. Also, not a lot actually happened in the film. After FINALLY establishing characters and direction, and taking a large portion of the film to collect cut-throat leader Amanda, the group of villains went on a mission to stop the enchantress from creating a mysterious weapon that would destroy the world for no apparent reason.

The Ugly:
In what world do superheroes and magic come together…? Now I know many heroes have powers that are only explained by magic or inherent abilities, fair enough. But the mixture of an action superhero film with dark magic of the ancient enchantress witch seemed a step too far for me. Seeing as the film was subverting the traditional boundaries of hero and villain, it would have been cool to see a film where Batman went AWOL and the suicide squad had to bring him back under control. However, if you stay behind for a few minutes, you get a sneak peek at a huge teaser for the sequel. Is Batman going to team up with the Suicide Squad? I guess we’ll find out.

Despite not a lot actually happening and most of the characters being a bit dull, the action, occasional comedy and the general bad-ass vibe of the film made it pretty enjoyable. And let’s be honest, most of us were there just to stare at the perfection that is Margot Robbie in shorts and pigtails. And for that, the film is a winner. But hey, what do I know?

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