Amsterdam in 10 Photos

Now summer is nearly over, I find myself reminiscing on some of my summer memories. This time last month, my friend and I were in the centre of the bustling city of Amsterdam. Amsterdam has definitely been the summer holiday destination of choice for many. And with so much to offer, it’s easy to see why. The atmosphere was great, the food even better and the historical sites and architecture were breathtaking. Of course, we visited the Red Light District, the sex museum and went on a canal trip; rites of passage for any tourist in the city. Instead of spouting on any more about what we did, here are my 10 favourite photos, taken by yours truly.

Am 16
Amsterdam from above.
Am 15
Anne Frank’s house from below.
Am 14
Oude Kerk


Am 13
Am 12
Building in Dam Square

Am 11Am 5Am 4Am 3



Am 7
Yes this is photo number 11 but this is the best selfie we got with the ‘I Amsterdam’ sign. *cry cry*

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