Domino’s Eat Your Heart Out

Eating healthy can be super difficult at the best of times. Trust me, I know. I used to go through a whole tub of Pringles in a matter of hours, and chocolate fingers..? My ultimate weakness. Since I’ve been on this whole get healthy scheme I’ve realised that eating healthy really is not that hard. Here are a couple of my go to healthy recipes that I’m super proud of and wanted to share with you guys.

RECIPEPizza is life.
Sadly, it is not the best thing to be eating on a regular basis. Unless you substitute out all of the nasties! Here I’ve used a Warburton’s wholemeal square wrap as the base. These are an absolute winner as they’re usually thicker than the conventional circular wraps meaning they’re less likely to burn or be a super floppy mess when you’re trying to eat them. Now, instead of some super calorific pizza sauce I’ve opted for red pesto. I’ve also used salsa in the past and that was equally as effective and even a tiny bit healthier. Then the most important part. CHEESE. Having a lactose intolerant boyfriend means that cheddar is on short supply in this household. Goat’s cheese however is most definitely on the menu. It worked great on this pizza and added a whole new type of flavour. Then just chuck on whatever toppings you like. I’ve gone for spinach, ham and pineapple. LUSH.

NEW RECIPE 2Now, I don’t exactly know how to describe what I’ve made here. It’s not quite a salad… Oven baked chicken with sweet potato wedges seasoned with paprika, salt and pepper are always a winning combo in my book. To make it a bit healthier I went crazy with the greens. I went for spinach and avocado as well as tomato and goat’s cheese. As if I wasn’t feeling healthy enough. I felt a great sense of pride when I finally plated this up and basked in its healthy aura. This is by far the most Instagram worthy healthy food I have ever made. It was super easy and did not take more than half an hour!

In the past two weeks I have found eating healthy to be super rewarding and has made me feel so much better. In the past week I have had no cravings for chocolate, crisps or anything of the like I used to snack on. That was certainly new for me. However, today has been a super fatty day – cornish pasties, donuts and chocolate brownies galore! I now feel super heavy and sluggish; it’s really easy to forget how bad binging on fatty food really is for you. Not only do I feel ‘bleh’ but I’ve now probably set myself back a bit on my mission for healthiness. However, with these super recipes I’ll get back on track and feeling fit like I was earlier in the week.

Feeling Fit and Fab


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