Confessions and Insights of a Selfie Addict

*Warning – You are about to see A LOT of my face*

Selfies are now a staple of our social culture. From profile pictures to criminal mugshots, society is obsessed with our faces. However, looking back 5 or so years, this was not necessarily the case. Thanks to funny snapchat filters and Instagram effects that make our faces look 10x better, it’s no wonder selfies are super popular.

I’m a recently converted and die hard fan of selfies, some may say I’m even obsessed. Rewind two years and I was not the selfie loving girl I am now. With the opinion that I wasn’t pretty like everyone else, I didn’t feel the need to plaster my face onto social media for everyone to see. It was not until university when people started positively reacting to selfies that I started believing that my face looked half decent!

Then snapchat came along…

Snapchat filters are the ultimate boredom buster. I can be a tiger, have a flower crown or a fat face. The best thing about these filters is the fun in them; no one sees a snapchat filtered photo on Facebook and takes it seriously. It’s this detachment from reality and seriousness which makes snapchat filters all the more fun and appealing.

‘I’ll just take the one selfie.’ – SAID NO ONE EVER.
Profile pictures and Instagram uploads require hundreds of attempts with different filters and different lighting, and of course, the pose must be right! Werk it.

The most important thing about selfies and publishing them is to never take yourself so seriously. Silly selfies are the absolute best. You’re going to look stupid/unattractive on purpose and by publishing silly selfies are encouraging others to see you as so. Own that audience.

But of course, selfies ultimately serve to portray ourselves in the most attractive and best light possible. We all have our favourite selfies which are most likely our profile pictures or saved to favourites.

I’m definitely not the only serial selfie taker out there. So from one selfie addict to another – be silly, shameless and sassy; go forth and conquer the world with your face!

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