Reading Festival: The Don’ts


Reading Festival has, for years, been an unattainable goal for me. Always too expensive or not having the means or motivation to go. However, when the lineup was announced this year, I HAD to go.

As a first time festival goer I was a little apprehensive. The thought of not showering, using smelly toilets and surviving on noodles for three days was not that appealing. But, I made it out alive.

Here is my advice on what NOT to do at Reading Festival.

  1. Do not, get sunburnt. It is ridiculously painful and there is very little shade at the Reading camp site. Definitely stock up on suncream and invest in a gazebo if there are a lot of you camping.
Reading 2

2) Do not buy all your food from the venders at the festival. It is ridiculously expensive and did not really hit the spot for me. This sausage, bacon and hash brown baguette was £6 and the bacon wasn’t even smoked. The blasphemy!!! Luckily one of our friends had a camping stove. Pot noodles and cup of soups all round!!

3) If you ARE lucky enough to get a camping stove or camp fire, do not stir boiling water with plastic cutlery. You’re left with one less utensil, but a rather groovy sculpture. But also, don’t use metal ones – they conduct heat.

Reading 13
RIP Spoon

4) Do not attempt to shower after 9am. The queues are ridiculous. I waited about half an hour and I went just after 8am. However, I did feel so much better after showering, living like a slob for two days was enough to drive me insane.

Reading 15
Queue for female showers at 10:06 am

5) Do not let drunk people take pictures. If you’re spending the weekend getting wasted, it’s probably best not to take any photos at all – they always end up ridiculously bad. Like these two beauties; blurred and only half a face.

But most of all, do have an amazing time, cover yourself in UV body paint, stickers and temporary tattoos and make lots of memories with awesome people.

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