Guess Who’s Back?

I am back bitchesssss! (Sorry, it had to be done).

I’ve moved into a new house and after an agonising 13 days, the wi-fi has finally been installed and is working at full capacity. Which means I am too! Expect a lot of posts in the next few weeks as life at university starts again. But now, I’m going to fill you in on the past two weeks. Sit back and enjoy.

I moved into my new house last week! Unlike most people, I really like moving – organising and packing things is my forte. When I finally got they keys to the new house I was itching to unpack and decorate my room. And here are the highlights..!

As you can see, I am a massive fan of fairy lights – they are my life. So are cheesy canvases and novelty candles; I am a girly girl at heart!

Lack of wi-fi meant I had to get on with uni work. Urgh. I did end up making progress with my dissertation and finally deciding on a specific question. Can you guess what it is?


Sadly my gym progress has been lacking. I’ve been super ill lately and the gym was closed (!) for a few days which means I’ve only just been able to get back into it.

Alas, it is short and sweet today; I don’t want to bore you all. Keep an eye out for new posts. Life is only onwards and upwards from here.

Watch this space!

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