Are You Pinterested?

It all started two years ago in my Graphic Design class. I needed typography ideas. I never knew that a simple click of a button would spiral into such a deep-rooted obsession. If only I knew…

Ever since the first click and scroll, I’ve been hooked on Pinterest. Some call it the ‘lazy Tumblr’, others say its the new Facebook. No matter what your stance on it is; Pinterest is simply perfect. For those of you who haven’t encountered it yet, here’s a quick look at what you’re missing out on:

I’m quite a creative and visual person so I find Pinterest to be one of the most stimulating social media platforms out there. There is no such thing as mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest; my eyes are always attracted to a beautiful drawings and tattoo designs to interior design and breathtaking landscapes.


There is also no such thing as a ‘quick browse’ through Pinterest. There is so much content – it would take days and weeks even to get through it all. For those who don’t fancy doing that, there is a neat and tidy menu and a search bar which allows you to seach exactly what you want.


When on Pinterest I usually just salivate over people with the perfect and unattainable body shape, amazing interior design ideas and outfits that would make fashion designers pee themselves. In other words, Pinterest is the ultimate ‘life goals’ website. If the artistic food and amazing drawings aren’t motivational enough, they even have a whole category for ‘Quotes’. They are motivational and inspiring and get you on track for the life goals that they dangle in front of our faces.


Ultimately the best thing about Pinterest is the use of ‘boards’. Much like a pin board or a mood board you might have in your bedroom, only bigger, better and prettier. All boards are public for everyone to see… unless you make them private. I have ‘Wedding Goals’ and ‘Dissertation Research’ on private boards – let’s be honest, no one wants their ideas or deepest desires to be stolen or plastered all over the internet.


Whether you’re a top-notch designer looking for inspiration or in a life crisis and need some motivation, Pinterest has the answer.

And now I leave you with a punny and cute post from Pinterest.



And this is me…!

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