This is Halloween…

Happy Halloween everyone!

It is that lovely time of year when people can get away with ridiculous costumes, mutilate giant orange vegetables (?) and knock on strangers doors. But these aren’t the reasons why I like halloween.

Halloween weather is perfect. The clocks have just turned back, the heating is allowed to be turned on and candles are looking and smelling lusher than ever! Summer can kiss it’s shiny self goodbye, I much prefer the early autumn weather of Halloween.

Halloween is also the best because of the snapchat filters. Yes, you saw this coming, I’m a lover of any new snapchat filters.

Food is also a number one priority in my life. Unlike Christmas however, eating a few halloween choccies at the end of October is not likely to screw up the summer bod or put too much emphasis on your winter one. My personal favourites this year are the co-op chocolate and orange mini muffins. They are super cute:

Get in my belly..!

Halloween is also an awesome chance for me to release some of my inner creativity. See exhibits A and B below:

Who doesn’t love cute pumpkin faces on every orange object you see?!

Most importantly, Halloween is a cool time for everyone to get together and celebrate scaring the bejesus out of each other watching horror movies, playing practical jokes or carving some pumpkins.


Sadly, this is my last halloween at university. This time next year, I won’t have these awesome people around to provide laughs and entertainment or the drunk snapchat stories from all the uni lot. For now, I’ll bask in their awesomeness.

Halloween. You’ve been great. Until next year.

















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