Why I (Not So Secretly) Hate Twitter

Social media is an essential part of life nowadays. Fact. Whether you’re a Facebook lover, Instagram queen or Snapchat addict, we are all guaranteed to be checking social media as we go to sleep and as soon as we get up in the morning.

Now I’m all for social media. It brings the whole world closer together and allows for a greater and wider communication. Whether by photos, memes or statuses, it is an awesome way to communicate. However, there is only one thing I disagree with.


It is the most pointless form of social media out there. It took the minds of FOUR people to create a social media platform in which users can only post ‘tweets’ of 140 characters.

*Commence slow sarcastic clapping*

Why did they feel the need to constrain our creativity? Why only 140 characters? Are they assuming that only the most important things can be said in 140 letters? I guess it does prevent the pages of rants that we see on Facebook…? But boo you guys!

And the whole username thing just bugs me. Why does it have an @ before it? Why do we have our names and our usernames on our profile? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?! Just give us names and let us stick to it!

Twitter also seems to be all about the numbers. It’s a game of ratios. How many followers do you have in relation to how many people do you follow? It’s quite honestly SO secondary school. Who cares how many followers you have?


No matter how bad it is, there really is no escaping it. The university magazine uses twitter ‘handles’ as does another website I have recently started writing for. I really do not understand this twitter obsession.

Yet it seems there is hope on the horizon. Twitter is definitely not all the rage that it used to be a few years ago. With rival media platforms getting better and better, it is only a matter of time before twitter is wiped out entirely. And I say, good riddance!

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