Being Healthy – The Struggle is Over

As you may have seen when my blog first began, I was super keen and active; always at the gym or finding new healthy recipes. However, since starting my final year of university, I have found it nearly impossible to carry on with the get-healthy process. Quite frankly, I have started to give up.

And I’m okay with that now.

The most important thing in my life right now is my degree. Now I don’t want to sound like a nerd with no life, but being in my final year means it’s full steam ahead with deadlines. Dedicating a lot of my time to university studies means I don’t have a lot of time to go to the gym… I know it’s no excuse. But when it comes to the decision or reading vs the gym, I always choose reading and uni work. Right now, I just want what is best for my immediate future. I would rather get turned down for a job for being a bit chubby rather than being declined for not getting a high enough degree.

It’s not like I don’t do anything. I train and compete as a trampoline gymnast roughly 3 times a week. For anyone who does gymnastics or trampolining, you’ll understand the effort and strength needed for that type of thing. A few weeks ago, I was going to the gym about 3 times a week and trampolining 3 times a week. I felt great and super fit but it just wasn’t working. My gym routines were getting in the way of my trampolining. There are only so many times you can tense your body in mid-air after doing a cardio and abs circuit the day before. Yet I need to keep going to the gym to maintain my strength for trampolining… It’s a vicious and depressing cycle. So again, the gym has been placed at the end of my list of priorities.

Tramp 1.jpg

Don’t get me wrong, I love doing exercise and being healthy but it seems that my body doesn’t agree with exercise. Firstly, I’m asthmatic. Any form of activity which raises my breathing rate is automatically going to have an effect on my chest. Imagine going for a run and being able to breathe through a straw. That’s what is it like trying to be athletic with asthma. I’m finding it’s getting better with age, but there are still times when I am left wheezing after a gym work out.

But it isn’t just my lungs which are the problem. These gangly legs of mine are proving to be a nightmare too. I looooooveeee running… but my legs don’t. A year and a half ago I had shin splints which took me an agonising 6-8 months to get over. I still get the occasional twinge every so often. On top of that, my knees aren’t in the best shape. I went for a long run last week and have only just been able to walk comfortably again. It seems waking up and doing 8km one day didn’t agree with my bones. Runner’s knee is a bitch. So I do want to be fit and healthy, my body just won’t let me!

As a university student, money is a rare commodity that must be treasured. However, a healthy lifestyle also means an empty wallet. Avocados don’t come cheap! I’ve decided that it’s okay to eat cereal for breakfast, even if it is full of sugar. It is cheaper and a lot easier than dissecting an avocado every morning. And it’s okay to eat pasta!! It’s cheap and it’s delicious. That’s all I need at a time when deadlines are piling up and comfort food is calling.

I know this all just sounds like a list of excuses, but I don’t care. My housemate is my inspiration behind this post. As she says, university is just not the time for everyone. We are all trying so hard to juggle university life, be more employable and be in peak physical condition. I applaud everyone who manages to do it, but right now, being super fit and healthy is not my priority. When I have more time and dedication, I can get back on the fitness-wagon. I have been trying so hard to focus on my health and image that it’s just another stress that I can’t deal with in my life.That isn’t to say I’m giving up being healthy completely – I’ve come to love early morning gym sessions and salads for lunch! I’m just not going to beat myself up for not living up to my ridiculously high expectations. This isn’t a ‘goodbye’, it’s just a ‘see you later’.


Shout out to my friend Owen for coming on the 8km run with me last Tuesday. Also shout out to my housemate Kate who helped me reach this epiphany. I love you guys.

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