Friday witnessed the third instalment of Otter Wales’s event, GIRL. ‘What is GIRL?’ I hear you ask? Only one of the most innovative music events to emerge in Cardiff in the past year; bringing female-fronted bands together in celebration of women’s music. In an industry dominated by male bands and soloists, GIRL is giving local female musicians the equal appreciation and attention that they deserve. 


Hell no. 

What do these festival line-ups have in common…? 

MEN. Yes, male acts dominate festivals and gigs across the country, often bagging headlining stages and times whilst female bands are consigned to the smaller stages. Unless you’re a woman who has the power of Haley Williams, Lauren Mayberry, Lady Gaga or Beyoncé, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be rocking the main stage of Reading or Download any time soon. This isn’t because female acts aren’t good – try naming one bad Paramore song – but women just don’t get the advertising or popularity that men in the music industry do. ‘But Beyoncé is headlining Coachella this year!’ – Beyoncé already runs the world, okay?

Nevertheless, let us not dwell on the negatives. 

The first GIRL event took place in April of last year, boasting 6 female-lead acts and was a massive success. Fast-forward nearly a year later and the event was no different. In the cosy setting of Buffalo Bar, people gathered to witness the female musical greatness of PARCS, CHROMA, Orchards and Winter Coat. Catering to a variety of sounds, there was a musical style to suit everyone and anyone. 



There was glitter and alcohol.  Need I say more?

Glitter Realness

With more GIRL events coming up in the future, Otter Wales is sure to take the spotlight in promoting female musicians and band for years to come. Their next venture sees Rozelle take to the stage. Check out the event page for more info. 

“[Rozelle] bring back a 90’s nostalgia, with a mix of electro sound bites and gritty guitars, but deliver an air of Wolf Alice with hints of Florence and the Machine, bringing a current yet entrancing vibe, which sits perfectly on festival stages.”

Rozelle – 15th April

Otter Wales

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