Pancakes and Catch-Up?

Yes. Pancake day is here, yet it feels like only yesterday I was attempting to make something in the form of a pancake in a pan that was not non-stick. Alas, another year wiser, I now have a non-stick pan, bendy spatula and enough lemon juice and sugar to sink a ship (as well as a pancake recipe; let’s be honest, we all google it every year!) Here is where I’d put some insta-worthy pancakes but I haven’t had any yet (I always have pancakes for dinner). So here are my housemate’s pancakes instead:

Even hench people gorge on pancakes!

Yet to do a whole post on pancake day would be a waste; the past two weeks have been eventful to say the least.

I do love a cinema trip every so often – especially with the super cheap student tickets – but I only tend to go if there is something I really want to watch… Until last week.

  1. Sing (U)
    This was my favourite of the films in the film-watching spree I went on. It was light-hearted and funny and despite being aimed at children, was amusing for the (slightly) more mature audience. Whilst a llama twerking against a car was one of the highlights, the film revolves around the money issues and debt of a local theatre but more importantly promotes self belief and courage. Overall I’d give it a 4/5. Definitely worth a watch for some ‘major piggy power’.sing
  2. La La Land
    Can we all just appreciate the hilarity of the epic flop that occurred at the Olllscars a few days ago? An epic flop for a film that was exactly that.. an epic flop. My boyfriend and I seriously considered leaving in the first half hour. It’s ridiculously slow and way too far-fetched. Whilst I appreciated the cinematography, the plot line was not for me. After having people rave about it for weeks, I’m actually quite glad it didn’t win Best Picture at the Oscars, we don’t need an already conceited film getting more appreciation for achieving what is, to me, the mediocre. Had this been released at a different time, and not amidst political turmoil in the USA and the East, it definitely would not have gone down so smoothly *rant over*. Overall 2/5.
  3. Fifty Shades Darker50-shades
    There is only so badly a film can do when your expectations are already lower than the waistline on Jamie Dornan’s jeans. To be fair, it was a lot better than the first one. But there is only so much a production team can do with an awfully bad story. The main thing I loved about the film was the life goals – I want to be able to earn enough money that I can give away £24,000 without even thinking about it, or, walk into a job that I am completely under-qualified for and ace it on the first day *sigh*. It was also quite nice to see the main actors speaking without looking completely awkward through the whole film. But the best part was being there for audience reactions. When Christian proposed to Ana, one woman in our audience gave out a loud and rather ghetto ‘ohhh daayyyummm’. Safe to say, that was the highlight of the film – we were all in tears. Overall 3/5.

In the past few weeks there has also been the sudden realisation that university is nearly over. Done. Kapput.

Scared GIF.gif

It’s already reading week – which means that we are half way through the semester. At the moment there is a strange sense of excitement mixed with fear. What if I don’t get a job? How am I going to pay rent? I CANNOT work at Domino’s for the rest of the summer. It is daunting, but I guess most of the time, the excitement outweighs the fear. After 18 years in the education system I can finally start life properly. Everything I buy now is an investment for the rest of my life – the non-stick pan for one, has definitely been worth the investment.

So, after making a rather swanky looking CV, applying for three grad jobs, finishing the first draft of my dissertation and bagging a new internship, I reckon you could say the future is looking bright?

Well it is now that I can finally go and whip up some pancakes! Keep an eye on my instragram for something that is half as fancy as the one at the beginning of this post!

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