What better way to celebrate the end of one’s degree than going on a shopping spree? But rather than just window shopping, I shopped until I dropped… But for a student, ‘dropping’ doesn’t take that long! And I ‘dropped’ in one of the best places possible. LUSH.

I have never been to LUSH.

Yes. Believe it. Am I not a woman if I haven’t spent hours choosing between bath bombs and face masks? So here it is, my first (of many??) LUSH haul.


Bath Oils
If you’re not keen on investing the financial and emotional commitment into a fully fledged bath bomb, LUSH’s bath oils are the one for you. They are smaller, daintier and a lot easier on the bank account than bath bombs. I feel like there is also more of a range of bath oils. I’m a massive fan of citrus fragrances and after sniffing every bath oil in the shop, and getting covered in glitter, I settled on these three beauties.

All are citrus based and smell divine. The only disadvantage of these was the mess that they left in the bath afterwards. So whilst I did come out feeling calm and like a freshly-picked mango, my zen state was miffed slightly by frantically scrubbing the bath clean before it stained.

Cleaning Gif

Nevertheless, I was super impressed with my other purchase. We’ve seen them all over social media for months. ‘Tis the humble shower jelly. Somehow, no matter how old I get, there will always be something funny and satisfying about jelly. I was so enthralled that I had to make a boomerang and post it on instagram. Basic. I know.


Coming in two different sizes, and four different colours/scents, they are the perfect product to make showering a whole lot more interesting.  I went for Whoosh, the dark blue jelly with a somewhat musky scent. Did I just pick up the men’s one…..? Despite being a fun idea, the shower jelly is not that great in practice. I imagine it is difficult to hold jelly at the best of times, let alone adding water to the mix.

But when it comes down to it, everything smelt amazing, made my skin feel awesome and cost me just over £10. And it’s all cruelty free! What more could you want?

Shop Bath Oils here
Shop Shower Jellies here
Cute jelly insta boomerang here

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4 thoughts on “LUSH Haul

  1. Love this!!! You’ve inspired me to make a trip to Lush after exams (*bank card quivers*) Lil tip: if the jelly juices (lol) leak out of the container, put it in a little air-tight container instead! More blog posts plsssss xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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