‘Dear Diary’ – A Day Out In London Town

Since finishing university, I have been struck with a deep-set sadness that I have been barred from a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that a degree provides. The endless stacks of library books that were once at my finger tips are now gone.

Sad Spongebob

For the past three years, the way I see the world has been challenged and enlightened and I can honestly say that it has been the best experience of my life. Yet in the space of (what feels like) a second I’ve gone from trying to get my head around complex theories of language to tackling issues such as council tax and finding where my water meter is. (Seriously, where the fuck have they put it?!)

So how did I momentarily overcome this melancholy?

I jumped on a train to London of course!

If there is anywhere than can enlighten your mind, it’s good ol’ London town.

After a few google searches and navigating The Strand with my mother and grandmother in tow, we finally came across an exhibition on at King’s College. ‘Dear Diary: A Celebration of Dairies and their Digital Descendants.’

‘Diaries are among our most precious items of heritage. … No other kind of document offers such a wealth of information about daily life and the ups and downs of human existence.’ – Irving Finkel, founder, The Great Diary Project

From secret written journals to the public blogs that you and I write on a regular (or in my case, not-so-regular) basis, diaries are merely a way that we express ourselves and our daily activities. This includes post-it notes, doctors diaries and gym progress apps. We are obsessed with recording every moment of our lives on Instagram and the like, that we are leaving a little trail of breadcrumbs, a diary of our lives.

It’s exhibitions like this that make me optimistic that knowledge doesn’t die after university.

Happy GIF.gif

The exhibition is on until the 7th of July so get down to London quick chops. Unless you live there – get on the tube and embrace the culture and knowledge around you!

Here’s the link for the exhibition: https://www.kcl.ac.uk/Cultural/-/Projects/DearDiary.aspx

*Apologies for the lack of photos – they didn’t allow photography at the exhibition and I wasn’t feeling particularly rebellious that day*

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