Book of the Month: June

Okay, so I may be cheating a little bit this month. I didn’t exactly read a “book” as such, more of a short story. Yet I think this story deserves as much merit as a fully-fledged novel. Yes, it’s the classic The Yellow Wall-Paper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Number 42 in the Little Black Penguin Classics, it is definitely worth an hour of your time to delve in to.


‘This horrifying, semi-autobiographical feminist story of imprisonment and madness scandalised nineteenth-century society.’

This short story takes a dark and sinister peek in to the life of the psychologically disturbed yet unnamed narrator of the novel. Readers follow the protagonist through her growing fixation with the yellow wall paper in her bedroom. As the story progresses, the wall paper becomes more horrifying.

Not only did this story scandalise 19th century society, I think it certainly has the same effect today. Is the woman behind the wall paper a ghost, a person or a reflection of herself? Is the protagonist actually insane or is she merely socially constructed that way? I wont spoil it for anyone who is planning to have a read, but the final lines really did leave me speechless.

A fleeting story which will keep you riveted on every page. Read it now!

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