I Dyed My Hair 3 Times in 24 Hours

We all go through that phase at one point or another when we plead our parents to let us dye our hair. 5 years ago, my mum gave in and I haven’t seen my natural colour since. As a hair dying veteran, I came to found a colour that suited me more than my natural one. Exhibit 1:

IMG_4221Some kind of mix of red, ginger and brown. Needless to say, I love it. LOVED it. One day. I woke up and thought; ‘hey, let’s dye my hair today.’ So I went brunette.

Exhibit 2:

Going from bright and summery to dark brown left me feeling a little down. I was no longer the girl with the fiery ginger hair. I was stuck with a colour that didn’t suit my skin tone and not to mention the dark hair dye marks on my forehead and ears. The only solution?


I know. I cringed at the thought to. I have never bleached my hair out of the fear of losing it all and having to rock a Britney Spears look for six months or more. But I was so unhappy with brunette, I went for it anyway. Using Colour B4 Extra Strength Hair Colour Remover, I managed to get rid of a most of the dark brunette without using bleach! (Buy it here!)

YES Giph

I’d already been so risky and impulsive in the past 20 hours, that despite the instructions explicitly telling me not to, I went ahead and re-dyed my hair red. Rebellious. I know.

Exhibit 3:

IMG_0018 (1)

I am actually really impressed and surprised at the turn out. Still a bit darker than I wanted, but my hair is still in good condition and not falling out. YAY!

Watch this space. The fire-y ginger will return.

Hit me with your adventurous hair dying stories. Would love to hear if people have been as stressed out as I was!

*Special thanks to my friend Patricia for being the hair dying QUEEN for the day ❤

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