How To Be An Adult

Being an adult is hard. We’ve technically been “adults” since the age of 18, yet university has kept us in a warm bubble of security and lack of responsibility. Then that bubble bursts and we are thrust forcefully into the world of council tax, 9-5 meetings and paying off our debts.

Scary, right?

Over the past 5 months, I reckon I have pretty much sussed out how to “adult”.

  1. Buy a diary.
    Open it.
    Write 1 thing.
    Never use it again.
    Because I have a diary, I look like I have my shit together. Life is an illusion, be the illusionist.I have no idea what I am doing
  2. Be smart casual 24/7.
    Have spur of the moment “these are student clothes” clear out. Buy smart/casual wardrobe because it’s the NEW you. Buy those ridiculous silk pyjamas even though you’d rather be in your 10 year old, hole-ridden hipster k.gif
  3. Courgetti?
    Goodbye Pot Noodles, hello ‘courgetti’. Buy a spiraliser, because oddly cut vegetables are the only excitement in your life now.Courgette.gif
  4. Start “Saving”
    Because nothing defines your adult status more importantly than the amount of 0’s on the end of your savings account. Who wants to go on holiday or have nice things when you could save for a mortgage?!saving.gif
  5. So Long Wetherspoons!
    Want to be an adult? It’s best you put some new venues on your itinerary for date nights and social get-togethers. You’re an adult now, you can just about afford to go to Miller and Carter once before you have to sell your left kidney. (You already sold the right one in your 2nd year of university)gatsby.gif

    *Disclaimer: A blog post with this many GIFS is by no means an indication of adult maturity.*

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