Makeup Mini Haul

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman’s entire makeup supply will run out at the most inconvenient of times, and all at once. Using the smallest of smudges of foundation and driest dregs of concealer to create a flawless face, really should be a talent on my CV!

As I entered Boots on Cardiff Queen Street, I couldn’t help feel a little excited. I hadn’t bought makeup for ages so this was a chance to really treat myself! After about 20 minutes of bustling through the crowds of Christmas shoppers, I managed to bag myself these beauties:

  1. Natural Collection Brow Kit:
    Now am I a newbie when it comes to the brow game. I don’t spend more than 2 minutes on them and they by no means belong on the cover of vogue. I opt for a super cheap gem from Boots’s Natural Collection. It’s cute, compact and perfect for my limited brow filling ability.Eyebrows
  2. Ecotools Brow Shaping Duo:
    Because I like to kid myself into feeling like a makeup guru (and the brushes in the brow kit are obviously made for people with tiny hands) I HAD to pick up these brow brushes from Ecotools. They are beautiful!
  3. Collection Primed & Ready Illuminating Witch Primer
    A perfect face needs a perfect base. My favourite is Collection’s Illuminating Primer – smoothing and hydrating, it is the best primer I have found for the price. As someone with dry skin, I used to shed out fortunes on fancy “hydrating” primers, but they never made my skin feel quite like this one!
  4. L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24hr Foundation 
    This is hands down, my favourite foundation ever. This is my 4th bottle! It is brilliant for those with ghost-like complexions (like myself) and it is super hydrating too. It was a massive blow to my bank account, but for a foundation like this, I don’t mind splashing the cash a bit. By splashing the cash, I mean £
  5. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
    I think I can speak for the whole female population when I say that this is a makeup must-have. There can be no words for this concealer, other than, if you haven’t bought it, do so now: Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
  6. Natural Collection Mono Eyeshadow
    With half a kidney’s worth of makeup already in my basket, I thought I may as well treat myself to something completely unnecessary. At only £1.99 it was an absolute steal.
    Buy it here!

With my handbag slightly heavier, and my bank account significantly emptier, I can rest easy for the next 6 months… before having to do it all over again. Hopefully you guys can get some of this stuff a bit cheaper in the January sales!Signature

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