Cath Kidston SS16 Collection Preview

The rain’s pouring and there are sticky leaves everywhere. Yes, summer has long gone. *cry cry* But fear not! There is a silver lining on the horizon. Cath Kidston’s new collection was available for exclusive viewing and Quench were lucky enough to have a cheeky look ahead of their Spring/Summer 2016 range. And if you thought CK only did floral or polka dotted handbags, think again! Kidston’s SS16 collection is based around the idea of quaint garden parties and gorgeous days on the beach, the prints marked on silk night robes to dresses for that special noon tea. The collection includes the signature dots and florals which make the brand so loveable plus Kidston has also released a new boat pattern exclusively for her beach collection. Half of the collection will be released in January in preparation for spring, while the other half shall be released in the high summer. So if the winter blues are getting you down, feel free to daydream about some of our fave pieces for a short mental vacay to brighter days!

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Originally published on Quench Magazine website, 2015.



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