Spotlight: Scott McGlynn

Scott McGlynn is a Welsh author, presenter and has made is onto list of the Guardian’s Pride Power 2016 list. From hairdressing to celebrity interviews, Scott gets his hands stuck in to everything he loves. With his podcast show really starting to take off this year, Quench were lucky enough to bag an interview with this lovely chatty chap. We discuss his experiences as a gay teen, his ambitions and what his plans are for the coming year.

Why did you decide to do a podcast show in particular? How did you get into it?
I am most well-known for my book Out which I published last year but I also have a website and a blog. They weren’t really working for me though. I had already been on other small shows so had a few connections. I did some research and decided that doing a podcast show is what I wanted to do. There is a lot of emphasis on social media these days; Facebook, e-mail etc. but what I love about being able to do a podcast show is how personal it is. And I love chatting, I prefer talking face-to-face much more than by e-mail. So I’m go to interview some gay icons and celebrities on my podcast but it’s also so that I can give people advice. I talk to normal people who are struggling with being a member the of LGBT community and give them advice. My website and book has inspired me to do more to help others.

What was your experience coming out as gay?
I didn’t properly come out to my parents until I was with my partner, Justin. I told my parents on my mum’s 50th birthday and they didn’t seem surprised. I think they always knew I was gay. They were so happy and supportive of me. However, when I was younger, I did struggle a bit with being gay. My manager at McDonald’s used to comment on it all the time. It wasn’t until I was 18 that my confidence started to grow and I really didn’t care what he said anymore. I had been able to go into Cardiff where there was a bigger LGBT community and made some great friends. I did get depression and anxiety. But I am so glad that I didn’t get too affected by coming out. When I was in Australia I heard about one person who committed suicide because of their struggles with being gay. That really got to me and I am really glad that I didn’t get to that level in my head, I never wanted to take my own life.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspiration is Ian McKellen. I like that he is able to continue his career despite being gay. He was able to continue acting and doing what he loved. He has really inspired me to help people and to carry on working hard for myself. He came out in the 90’s when it was assumed that being gay meant you had to stop doing what you liked and wanted. I think I read somewhere that you couldn’t drive a bus if you were gay. It was stuff like this that really bugged me. Not just with members of the LGBT community. It really got to me that women weren’t supposed to be engineers and that gay people were stereotyped to work as cabin crew or hairdressers! (I work in managing the salon so I don’t actually cut hair myself!!) I think it’s better nowadays that people can do whatever they want, there doesn’t seem to be an issue with gay people working in any job sector.

What do you value most in life?
My family are my biggest love. They have supported me so much, especially my mum and sister. I’ve worked so hard in the past year and they have helped, I really couldn’t live without them and my partner Justin. Or my 5 dogs. I love them so much too. I also value honesty. I am a really honest person and like to think I’m a real person. This is also what I want to get across in my podcast show.

Scott’s ambitions to grow his podcast show and help give advice to people struggling with being a part of the LGBT community highlight him as an inspiration to everyone in Wales. It is no wonder he is included on the Pride Power List of 2016. The way he is going, we shall soon be seeing Scott higher on the list and more well-known member of our growing society.

Scott’s podcast show ‘The Scott Mcglyyn Show’ can be accessed on iTunes:

For more information about Scott or to get in contact with him check out his social media links:

Originally published in Quench Magazine, Issue 162, p. 14

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