Radiant and Rosy – Garnier’s New Skincare Range

Now I’m not usually one to break from my usual skincare routine; I am a creature of habit in almost all aspects of my life. For me, it was Simple or nothing.

Until one impulsive day, I was wandering through the isles of Superdrug and found these 3 beauties under a spotlight.


*God knows what made me buy all three, but there is something satisfying about finding a complete range or collection.* 

Goodbye Simple. HELLO Garnier.

I have always been hesitant to buy anything with a floral smell. Rose, lavender and the like always have a slight musky tinge of old lady. That, and I avoid the colour pink like the plague. However, I can honestly say, all three of these products smell divine. They are fresh and light with a hint of rosiness, and you can smell them slightly all day. What’s that lovely smell? Oh yeah, it’s my face.

Smells good

As someone with very sensitive skin (yes, I am a delicate little flower), I struggle to find products that remove makeup without burning my whole face off – especially my eyes. I had pretty much consigned myself to a life of burning and itchiness all for the convenience of makeup removing wipes. Well goodbye itchy eyes! Thanks to the ‘Soothing botanical cleansing milk’, I can remove ALL my makeup without feeling like I’m wiping bleach all over my face. Unlike makeup wipes, this cleansing milk and cotton pads actually pick the makeup off your face, rather than smudging it around. I have lost count how many times I’ve had black mascara smudges on my chin. I could have a foundation sodden cotton pad and still remove my mascara, mess free!

Miracle .gif

As for the toner, it is honestly the best one I have used, and trust me, I have used my fair share. From Boots own brand to a Clearasil bottle that smelt like the dentist, I have never really found a toner that did the job. Until now. I have been using this one for about a week and I can already see my skin is more even and softer than ever. When applied, it foams slightly, making it a lot soften on the surface of my skin and feels as if I’m getting a deep-clean facial.

I’m pretty much a hoe for any kind of moisturiser on the market. I am always easily led astray by moisturisers that claim to keep skin looking glowing and hydrated that always fall short. Well this one certainly doesn’t. It’s really light on my face but gives deep hydration. Maybe it’s a combination of using all three products together, but I am very happy with how my skin feels since using them!


The only downside is the amount of cotton pads I’m going through on a daily basis. I think I have gone through 6 today alone.

I’m off to go and buy some more.





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