5 Inevitables of Job Hunting

It’s that time of year again when undergrads are starting to sweat at the thought of applying for jobs and starting adult life. I seem to have found myself in this cycle again, only a year after I’ve graduated.

Needless to say, applying for jobs is a tense and confusing time. But whether your a soon-to-be graduate or a seasoned professional, we all have the same or similar thoughts when job hunting.

  1. What language do recruitment people speak?!
    I don’t know the difference between an ‘Executive’ and and ‘Associate’, and I’ll be damned if I actually read a job description where I knew what was going on from start to finish. Instead, job descriptions become a skim-reading challenge, trying to identify the few words that you can understand and attempting to decipher the ones you don’t.confused meme
  2. LinkedIn Easy Apply where have you been all my life?
    Click. Upload CV. Smile.Easy
  3. Typos. Typos everywhere.
    You decide to add an extra little detail into your CV only to realise that two numbers in your phone number are swapped round and there is a significant typo on the 12th line. You’ve already sent out 15 applications. Good job, Emma… Good job.

    Kill self

  4. “I can definitely be the National Director of Microsoft!”
    There inevitably comes a time when you start to become ambitious in your job applications. Head Chef? Director of Communications? Why not! You start to connect the smallest and vaguest of life experiences to high-spec job descriptions when you know that you really should be applying for an entry or junior level role. Who cares, aim high! You never know when a Hollywood miracle could occur.

    I can do anything.gif

  5. Please like me 🙂
    After you’ve sent in excess of your 40th application, you hope that someone out there can really see you for the star you are and at least give you an interview. Fingers crossed!Fingers crossed

To the army of job hunters out there; stay strong and believe in yourself!


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