A Bridge, a Boat and a Bride

Bristol. The land renowned for man buns, avocados and everything organic or vegan. The hipster capital of England, if you will.

Needless to say, I wasn’t in Bristol for any hipster frivolities – I’m hardly an avocado connoisseur and man buns scare me slightly. Instead, we journeyed westward for a bridge, a boat and a bride!

A Bridge
No, not the Severn Bridge, Clifton Suspension Bridge. Just a short walk from Clifton Village, the suspension bridge is the centre of important occasions all year round. From the bonfire night fireworks display to regular tours of the bridge and the vaults beneath. I had driven under it numerous times but had never had the chance to see it properly. Although breathtaking in size and design, walking along it left me feeling slightly dizzy every time a car drove past.

We popped in to the visitor centre where I discovered the bridge could carry little over 7,000 of myself. I’m not sure how Bristol would cope with 7,000 copies of me, but we shall never know. (Thank God!)

A Boat
After a bit of a rest and dolling ourselves up, we headed over to (according to TripAdvisor) Bristol’s number one attraction – The SS Great Britain. Not only a historical landmark, the boat was also the venue for the family wedding. We frogmarched through the museum section and hovered on the deck waiting for the wedding to begin.


A Bride
The wedding was a lovely affair. The whole ceremony took place on the ship, which was made out to be a very early version the Titanic.¬† The food was divine but the outfits… rather questionable.


I’m currently on the train back to London as we speak. To a place with many more bridges, boats and brides to explore.



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