10 Songs You Need on Your Gym Playlist Right Now

Summer is finally approaching and many people – me included – are starting to feel the heat in the gym. There’s only a few months left to shed the final drops of winter puppy fat and feel bikini body ready.

If you’re like me, the thought of getting up for the gym in the morning is not a pleasant one. One of my main motivations is my gym playlist. I sat on Spotify last night, compiling my most inspiring gym playlist to date. These are, in my humble and uneducated opinion, are the top 10 songs that you NEED on your playlist to give you that extra oomph at the gym.


  1. Every Time We Touch – Cascada
  2. Mi Gente – J Balvin, Willy William
  3. Work Bitch – Britney Spears
  4. Cola – Camelphat, Elderbrook
  5. Technology – Don Broco
  6. Champion – Fall Out Boy
  7. Magnet – Toddla T, Andrea Martin
  8. One Dance – Drake
  9. 212 – Azealia Banks, Lazy Jay
  10. Mad Love – Sean Paul, David Guetta, Becky G.

So we’ve got quite a mix of throwbacks, some dance tracks and a few bangers that make you feel pumped. All have an awesome steady beat that you can run, cycle or row to. Whether we like it or not, our bodies synchronise to a beat or rhythm so these are great for keeping you going.

Of course, motivational music changes as often as the seasons. What may motivate you or I today, may not necessarily get us pumped in a few months or even in tomorrow.

So whether you’re grafting for a ripped summer body or just working to maintain your shape, these songs are guaranteed to kick you into sassy-catwalk-sashay-mode.


What are your go-to tracks at the gym right now?


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