How to Tackle Hay Fever the Right Way

We’ve gone from winter to the height of summer with the click of a finger. Whilst most of us brits revel in the sunshine, the select few are tackling the world’s most annoying health issue.

Hay Fever.

Streaming eyes, sneezing fits and generally feeling like a big ball of yuck isn’t exactly what anyone wants as soon as the sun comes out and the flowers starts blooming.

I have been a long term hay fever suffer so have come up with my fair share of tips and tricks to keep hay fever symptoms at bay.

  1. Sunglasses.
    The bigger the better. They act as a direct barrier from pollen getting into your eyes, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t look fabulous with sunglasses on?
  2. Tie up long hair.
    If you’ve got long hair or if your hair that frames your face, it’s best to get it up and out of the way. Pollen in the air can attach itself to hair follicles. You’re basically slapping yourself in the face with a feather duster full of pollen.
  3. Vaseline.
    If you’re going out, dab some vaseline around your nostrils. It will act like a strip of tape, sticking all the little pollen particles before they have the chance to tickle your nose into a sneezing fit again.
  4. Anti-histamines.
    Cetirizine, Loratadine, Fexofenadine. If you’re a hay fever sufferer you’ve undoubtedly tried them all. It’s just a case of what works best for you. They DO work though. If you have hay fever and don’t take a anti-histamine, definitely try them!

  5. Stay inside.
    The most fool-proof way to tackle hay fever? Stay inside! It may be anti-social but it’s probably best to stay inside whenever you can when the pollen count is “high”. The up side? At least you won’t get sunburned either, right?

    stay inside
    So fellow allergy suffers, stay strong this hay fever season. Stick together, and we’ll reunite sneeze and tear free on the other side.


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