Quick Guide: London Mithraeum

Situated in the heart of the hustle and bustle of London, the London Mithraeum captures the essence of Rome in a 45-minute shot of culture.


This place is a historian’s and archeologist’s dream! First discovered in the 1950’s, the ruins of the Roman temple dedicated to Mithras, have been restored and preserved for audiences from far and wide to come and enjoy.

The exhibition has 3 floors and on the lowest, you are immersed in the reconstruction of the Mithraeum. Haze, sound and lighting effects give a taste of what the Mithraeum would have been like when it was operational in 240 AD.

The temple was the home of a cult dedicated to the God, Mithras. Members of the group were exclusively men (rude!) and their central icon was the image of Mithras killing a bull. Historians have interpreted the icon as a creation myth, encompassing fertility and the vision of the universe.


The whole event is completely free (although you DO need to book) and can be found in Bloomsberg Space, a short walk from Bank and Cannon Street stations.

You can get all the info from their website here: https://www.londonmithraeum.com/

What are you waiting for?



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