Summer Beauty Haul

The sun has finally come out again! With the sunshine seemingly here to stay, life becomes brighter – out with the old winter clothes and in with the cute summery tops and dresses.

Make way for lighter, more natural makeup looks because let’s be honest, who wants to wear a full face of foundation if it sweats off in 10 minutes? Unhappy with the weight and coverage of my current foundation, I went in search of a lighter, more summer appropriate product.

As always, I went in for one thing and came out with a dozen!


Finally, a makeup sponge to match my soul. Although this one is a lot firmer than the Real Techniques orange blending sponge, it is a few ££ cheaper and can go for longer without looking completely filthy. This particular one is by B. but L’Oreal and Revolution also do black sponges. Black is the new orange!

*Note: I do not condone dirty makeup sponges – I clean mine after every 2/3 uses! Stay hygienic, people!*


Sticking to the topic of sponges, I’d been thinking of applying my under eye colour corrector with a sponge for some time (by “some time” I mean a few hours on a Friday afternoon.) The only issue I had was that the Real Techniques tiny purple sponges claimed to be ‘magical erasers’. This surely defeated their purpose? Luckily I found a set of 4 cute mini sponges by Studio London, perfect for the corners of my eyes! I might even try applying eyeshadow with them…

Now I know I have previously raved about the Garnier Skin Active Rose Water range, but I’m going to do it again! The moisturiser I was using was the small tube, which was great but at the rate go through moisturiser, it only lasted about a month. I managed to bag this big tub of “Botanical Balm” which has considerably more product, at a considerably larger price tag. It does have 3 functions: a day cream, a night cream and a face mask. I guess you get what you pay for – with an RRP of around £12, this is definitely worth the investment!


What better way to combat the summer heat than a refreshing and hydrating mask? I haven’t used this yet, but I know that this line of products are raved about by most beauty and skin-care fanatics.

Summer = Dresses = Blindingly pale legs.
I am the palest person you will probably ever meet. I dread getting my legs out at the end of spring/early summer in fear of blinding the general public; my legs are the perfect sunlight reflector, maybe I could generate my own solar energy?! Needless to say, some sort of tanning agent is required for me to pass as a normal human being. I have tried a couple of the past few years but I have always come back to Dove. It smells divine and has a really subtle tanning effect – exactly what I need to avoid looking like a Wotsit.

In my first year of university, we had an e.l.f shop in one of the local arcades. It was my go-to for primer, simply because their ‘hydrating’ one was SO good. Sadly, the shop closed and I gave up on finding the best primer of my life ever again. Until yesterday. I was reunited and foundation can now beautifully sit upon my skin without a flake of dryness in sight.

I personally reckon that a primer works best with the same brand of foundation – it just makes sense. This is e.l.f’s Flawless Foundation with SPF 15 – perfect for the sunshine! Of course, I have the lightest shade of the selection *cry cry*.

Last, but not least, No.7’s Extreme Lash Extend Mascara was the last item of the day to fall into the basket. I tend to splash the cash a bit on mascara as I feel that they are the product that really improves the more you pay for it. I used to be a L’Oreal girl but decided to try some No.7 for a change. I’ll be needing some extreme length for that fluttery summery look!

What’s on your summer beauty shopping list? I’d love to hear what brands and products you use to stay feeling fresh when the heat descends!


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