Behind the Scenes: Blogging with Me

No two blogs are the same. Like the bloggers behind them, each is unique and has their own take on the world. Same goes for the way we blog.

For some, blogging is a stream of consciousness, effortlessly pouring profound prose to the delight of thousands. I am more of an organised blogger, thinking of post ideas 24/7 and writing them down before publishing anything.

I thought I’d give you a little insight into exactly how I keep Bookmarks & Bodyart running – you can tell a lot about a person by how they blog!

There’s a Time and a Place
I like to write and plan posts somewhere comfy and relaxing. I spend most of my time blogging in bed. I find blogging a great way to wind down before I go to sleep – hence most of my posts are published around 10pm (British time). There is a sense of achievement closing my laptop after publishing a post, leaving a daily legacy on my tiny corner of the internet. On the rare occasion that I do publish during the day, I’ll be snuggled in my favourite armchair in the living room with a crochet blanket.

*Yes, I am currently writing this in bed too!*

Zen Moodlighting FTW

Organised AF
I LOVE to be organised – or at least give the illusion that I have my life together. This applies to this blog too. I have a notebook that I dedicate to monthly post ideas and a breakdown of stats etc. (Yes I know WordPress does that for me, but I like to write things down.) I like to have a vague idea about what I’m going to write about, or possible topics to cover throughout the month, especially for those days when words don’t come to me so easily. That’s not to say that I stick to the schedule of ideas. After all, one cannot reign in one’s creativity when it decides to flourish.


But Why Though?
For me, blogging is a way of having fun and being creative. I am inspired by anything and everything. I don’t mind if people read my posts or not, some topics are more popular than others. The most important blogging value I live by is to enjoy everything I write. If writing a post ever feels like a chore, I won’t write one. There is no point in blogging without joy – we need to make the internet more of a happy and joyful place.
Why tho.gif

So that’s me. A tiny sneak peek into the running of Bookmarks & Bodyart. Throughout the month of May, I’ll be doing some more posts giving you an insight into me and my motivations behind this site.

Why do you blog? What do you enjoy most about having a blog and where is your special writing place?


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