Beginners Guide: False Nails

There is something satisfying and majestic about a perfectly manicured hand. If you’re anything like me, your nails are bitten, ragged and quite frankly belong in a horror film. *Queue screeching music*.

Whether I am stressed, anxious or just damn bored, I always end up chomping at my nails. It got to the point where I was actually embarrassed / ashamed of my own nails. Being young and naive, I believed that I would always have hideous nails and there was nothing I could do about it….

Until I considered falsies.

Yes, I took the plunge and bought some false plastic nails to try. I am by no means a ‘girly girl’ (although I am starting to have more of an interest in heels, nails and beauty!) so for me, this small purchase was a big step.

I started off small with some £1 Primark pointed black nails. Using them in daily life was a nightmare at first; having to type differently on my phone, holding a pen at a slightly different angle, trying to open cans of drinks and remembering not to accidentally scratch your face with my new talons. You get the gist!

Life with false nails started to get easier but I quickly discovered something very important.

Price matters.

giphy (2).gif

The Primark nails are guaranteed to pop off at some point within the first two or three days of application. For £1, you can’t really expect anything better.

Having mastered the novice level of false nails, I began to branch out to more upmarket brands in the hope of some better value for money. This is when I came across Elegant Touch. The brand sells false nails in a variety of different designs, colours and shapes – they even have blank ones that you can paint with your own favourite colour! You can catch some of their products here:

I have found that Elegant Touch work SO much better! The set that I currently have on has lasted for 2 weeks with only one having to be re-glued. However, for the great quality, you do have to pay a great price. For a pre-designed pack, you’re looking at roughly around the £10 or about £5 for the blank ones.

I am NO hand model!

I can now say that I am a false nail convert! They give off a great first impression if your own natural nails aren’t up to scratch. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t do much to damage the natural nail bed, and I haven’t lost a real nail in a horrific beauty faux pas yet! They make me feel sassy AF when I tap on a table or have the clicking of them when typing on my phone.

My advice if you’re new to false nails or want to try them, jump right in! You may need to change the way you carry out daily tasks for the first couple of pairs, but it does get easier with time and confidence!

Much like Jessie J, false nails can make you feel sexy and free.

giphy (1).gif

I am not likely to go back to my natural nails ever again!!

Do you think nails make an impactful first impression? What’s your go-to for false nail brands or your ideas on false nails in general?


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