Life Update

How is it June already?

It feels like only yesterday it was easter and only last week we were celebrating the New Year.

With time going so quickly and life changing so fast, I decided to take a couple of weeks off blogging – give myself a chance to catch up with life.

Two weeks ago, I started my new job as an Associate Recruitment Consultant in Central London. I am now a hard-core commuter, armed with coffee in hand, trainers and the resting bitch face like my fellow London travellers every morning.

Yet, despite it only being two weeks, I feel like I belong.


The commuters in suits and trainers, looking like they are ready to take on the world? Yep, that’s me now. I may only be a drop in the ocean that is London but for the first time this year I actually feel like I am working towards something.

In another 6 months, I’ll nearly be 23. Who know’s where I will be? I may have been promoted. I might even have my own place in the city. I might be an insta model with a hunky boyfriend.

One can dream!


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