2019 Aesthetics

Happy New Year to all!

Rather than another blog post on how crappy 2018 has been and how 2019 is going to be “my year”, I’m going to take a little more of an artsy/artistic approach.

We all have specific imagery related to certain times of the year – burgundies and browns for Autumn, blues for Winter and pastels for Summer etc. I have been living for a particular aesthetic/image that I’m going to think of more in 2019.

Marble 1


Yes, marble is a little outdated and has been on insta for a couple of years already, but I’m always late with trends and I feel like marble just speaks to my soul.


It is beautiful despite being imperfect.

The lines and veins are the very essence of marble’s beauty yet they mar the perfection of the smooth background. What do I take from this?

No one is perfect. It’s our imperfections which make us, us.

Rather than striving for perfection in 2019, let’s do something to make us happy & embrace our imperfections. Whether that’s reading more, going on more adventures, pushing yourself physically or just treating yourself to a face mask and manicure every week.

I have had a tradition for a few years of pampering myself on a Sunday; super long shower, face mask, nails and Netflix. It always makes me feel relaxed before the week starts all over again – my “me time”.

Self car gif

Now I thought this was a little quirk that I had so didn’t tend to talk about it much but there is a hashtag on insta – #selfcaresunday. So if you need a bit of inspiration for self care in 2019, have a stalk through instagram and see what you can find.

Make 2019 a year for YOU.


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