Bird Box – A Success?

If you haven’t had the chance to watch Netflix’s newly acclaimed Bird Box you must have been living life blindfolded. The horror has taken the world by storm with everyone chirping their opinions on whether the flick was a hit or a miss.

Now here are my musings.

First off, I think I was lucky enough to see the film before all the hype started which meant I went in completely open minded to the whole thing. Now I am a fan of most horror, sci-fi and thriller out there so the Netflix advert appealed to me straight away – 3 people isolated in a post-apocalyptic America? Sign me up!

Listen to me. I’m only going to say this once.

… this opening line is a stroke of genius and hooked me straight away. Sandra Bullock’s intense briefing to the two young children left the audience asking so many questions from the off, most of which are answered with the first flashback which catapults us into the epicentre of the unfolding apocalypse within the first ten minutes. Such quick action is reminiscent of other sci-fi/apocalyptic films such as World War Z and Stephen King’s Netflix series The Mist and I personally loved it.

The only thing that disappointed me was how short the chaos was. A measly five minutes (out of the 1 hour 57 minute run-time) of complete anarchy unfolded. Let’s be honest, I’m not the only one who wanted to see more people killing themselves in horrendous and terrifying ways – give the audiences what they want! Simple.

Many have criticised the the film for not actually showing the creature. I think doing so would have ruined it. Human’s worst enemy is most often our own imaginations so I think Susanne Bier was right to leave out the original creatures and let out minds run wild.

Here is what they were supposed to look like:
Bird Box Creature
Yes – they look like the Thing’s younger and better looking cousins. Not exactly horror material.

With every good apocalypse or catastrophe movie there is always a loophole, a way to survive. These creatures could not effect blind people – they couldn’t see them. I reckon the blind were all chuffed. They may not have been able to watch 10 seasons of Friends but at least they weren’t topping themselves at the hands of an unknown entity. Who’s laughing now?

Of course, every movie has its flaws. I personally didn’t buy into Sandra Bullock’s emerging maternal instincts and wouldn’t have cared if the children died. Yes, I’m brutal. Anything for a good horror film.

To be completely honest, there wasn’t much really wrong with the film. Stephen King himself said it was a work of genius. When the father of great horror fiction says something is good, you had better believe it. After all, 45 million Netflix users can’t be wrong.

I would have liked to have read the book by Josh Malerman had I known about it. Apparently is it a lot darker and the ending is very sinister… no spoilers here. If you want to find out, you’re going to have to read the book.

What are your thoughts? Was Bird Box a winner or a loser in your books?

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