Things I Can’t Live Without

In January, most give up things they really love; alcohol, chocolate, shopping etc. Giving up bad or unhealthy things may be a great idea for starting a healthier and happier lifestyle but there are some ‘non-negotiables’ for me. Here’s some of the stupidly mundane things I simply cannot live without.

Contactless Payment

What on earth did we do before contactless? How did we remember all those pin numbers? I spent more than £30 a couple of weeks ago and froze for what felt like an eternity trying to remember my PIN. In a world of online orders and tappity tapping on card machines, PIN numbers are moot.

Tangle Teezer

How many of you remember having your mum drag the sharpest brush through your hair as a youngster? Ever got a hair brush completely tangled in your hair? Behold, the second item I cannot live without – the humble Tangle Teezer! Great on wet and dry hair, it gently detangles the knots in even the most stubborn hair… I couldn’t sound any more like an advert if I tried!

Monster Energy Drink

Not just any Monster Energy drink. The white Ultra can. Gym-goers and hardcore studiers agree – it is by far the most effective can of chemicals out there guaranteed to give you a buzz. Unless you drink the whole can at once, then you’ll be bouncing off the ceiling.


On a very serious note, I can’t do without Garnier’s SkinActive Rose Water Toner. I went two days without using it and I was a blotchy mess.


No, not the fruit. The brand. Bless Steve Jobs and his brilliant mind. I truly cannot live without my Macbook or iPhone, and I’m sure I’m not the only one! They may be pricey but damn, they do a great job at brainwashing the world.

Scented Candles

They bring happiness, hipster aesthetics and great fragrance. What more can I say?

My Family

Naawwwww, I had to put a cute & meaningful one in. Although some of them drive me crazy, they are always there to make me smile and remind me where my tall genes come from. Definitely not my mother, that’s for sure…

What can you really not live without? The weirder and less necessary the better!

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