When Life Doesn’t Calm Down

Yes. I have returned. It’s been about 6 months of me telling myself that I’ll start creating content again when life “calms down”. Well it seems that I finally have a second to breathe in the whirlwind that is turning out to be my early twenties!

So what exactly have I been up to this year? Here’s a snapshot:

I took 3 months to move house!

You heard it right, it took me & my housemate 3 months to move house. Let’s just say I now loathe letting agents more than building Ikea furniture.

I completed the 3 Peaks Challenge

Well, I lie. I attempted the 3 Peaks Challenge. Ben Nevis was an absolute beast and played mind games with us all the way up to the top. Unfortunately, severe weather conditions meant it wasn’t safe to complete Scafell Pike and I wussed out of Snowdon with an injured hip. Would I try it again? Give me a couple of years and a lot of training and I might reconsider!

I saw one of my best friends get married

You know you’re getting older when friends start getting married. The first of my close friends got married at the beginning of August and it was honestly the MOST emotional event. Family weddings are all about the show and maintaining a good image. When one of your close friends gets married, it is a much more emotional affair. I don’t think the wine and vodka helped the matter…

This last 6 months has been a blast. While it may have been hectic, it has taught me that life never really slows down. So keep tabs on this site over the rest of the year to see what chaos ensues through the rest of 2019.

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