5 Signs You’re an Ambivert

Ever been caught short when someone asks whether you’re introverted or extroverted?

Me too.

Sometimes I’m the life of the party. Other times I want nothing more than to unwind alone with a book (or Netflix) and a glass (or bottle) of wine.

I got to a point where I thought there was something a teeny bit wrong with me until I asked some close friends what they thought I was. The answer..?


One type of personality trait is obviously not enough for me! When I’d accepted the notion that I was both, some behaviours started to make sense to me.

Introversion or extroversion is dictated by dopamine (happiness) levels in our brain. Introverts tend to have naturally higher dopamine meaning they don’t need external stimuli for a mood booster. Extroverts on the other hand generally have lower dopamine levels so seek stimulation from a social environment.

What does this mean as an Ambivert? Our dopamine levels are all over the place!

Dopamine levels be like…

So if you’re an Ambivert, how can you tell…?

You’ll Be in Bed by 1am on a Night Out
The idea of going on a gals/lads night out was amazing at 7pm when you cracked open your first drink. After a dragged out pre-drinks, the hassle of getting an Uber to the club and a little bit of fun dancing, you suddenly can’t stand being around people. Nothing is more appealing than sneaking away, falling into bed and enjoying the peaceful tranquility of some alone time.

You’ll Dip In and Out of Conversations
Us Ambiverts will become animated and engaged when a large group is talking about a topic we can relate to. As soon as the conversation takes a turn or a tangent, we usually take a mental step back and simply observe the nuances of the group.

You Adapt to Your Social Surroundings
Out with someone really quiet? You’ll compensate by being a bit louder and more ballsy. Paired with a true extrovert and you’ll embrace your quieter side. In any social situation, Ambiverts adapt their behaviour to balance the other person/group.

“Work You” and “Home You” Are Very Different
Ambiverts will often behave very differently in the office where there are more people compared to being at home with a select few friends or close loved ones. I’m more of an extrovert in the office and an introvert at home. You may be more reserved at work but let loose a little when 5:30 hits…

You’re Indecisive and Easily Led
Because we have the best of both introvert and extrovert tendencies, ambiverts are often indecisive. The thought of staying at home with a takeaway or going out with friends to a restaurant are often equally as appealing. When we say “I don’t mind” we usually don’t! This means we’ll usually go with the flow and follow the extroverts of a group.

No matter what personality type you are, it’s useful to be more in tune with your likes, dislikes and behaviours and how you engage with those around you.

If you still can’t pinpoint what personality type you are, here’s a quick quiz that can guide you in the right direction: Quiz: Are you an extrovert, introvert or ambivert?

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