Lockdown Routines

As human beings (most of us) thrive when in a regular routine. When lockdown started we were hurtled into a seemingly endless abyss of unstructured time.

Health advice has been to create a new routine from day 1 – easier said than done if you’re not working and are limited to the confines of your own home. It also takes a long time to find the routine that works best for you. I have finally managed to find a balanced routine that works for me… and we’re only in week 9!

So buckle up and hold on tight for the crazy cool daily lockdown routine I have made for myself.

7am: Wake Up & Walk
I have always been an early bird and I cannot stand being late for work, even if the journey is only from my bed to the sofa. My pre-lockdown commute to work was an hour’s long walk from South London to the heart of the City. Now that I don’t have a place to go, I take a 45-60 minute walk in the local park to clear my head and set me up for the day.

Morning Walk Views

8:30am: Coffee & Work
My flatmates and I have recently been investing in more Nespresso coffee pods so I cannot start the day until I’ve had one in my favourite owl mug. I then assume the daily position on the sofa by the window and log on for the day. (If my health & safety department at work were reading this they would have a heart attack!)

My work day varies a lot – sometimes I am swamped with work and other times I have very little to do. Lately I have been busy so have been working through until 4:30/5 with a break for lunch at 12:30.

5pm: Workout
Given I have so much time on my hands, I have started to stick to a more regimented workout schedule. I usually do a short bodyweight circuit with some resistance bands targeted on a particular muscle group. I also dabble in some Yoga which has been keeping my mind flexible as well as my body.

Friday Nights are for Fitness

6:30pm: Dinner
Dinner now seems to be an exciting part of the day to let some creativity out and eat some new meals that I wouldn’t have usually had the time or patience to make. Mexican is regularly on the menu.

8/10pm: Sweet Dreams
I’ll usually fall asleep some time between 8pm and 10pm either dosing off with YouTube in the background or getting through a couple of pages of my book before dropping it on my face.

That’s a typical week day in my life right now. I do my food shop at Morrison’s on Fridays or Tesco on Saturdays and usually clean the whole flat out of boredom at the weekends. I’ll call my mum on Sundays and have a pamper evening on Saturday nights. Any downtime I have is usually spent doing jigsaws (they make my OCD happy), creating digital illustrations or generally attempting to plan my life.

Of course, there are times when I have no routine and am lying upside down on my bed wondering when the world will return to normal, spiralling into the depths of my own brain…

Yes, a routine does help pass the time and is great for keeping my mind occupied. But if routines don’t work for you, that’s fine too! The important thing is that you find a way to stay sane whilst this pandemic insanity continues..

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