An Ode to Bras

Ladies know that there is no better feeling than getting home after a long day and taking off your bra. It’s a heavenly act of instant relief and freedom that signals comfort and home.

Now I have never been an avid supporter of the “Free the Nipple” movement. For those who are in the “itty bitty titty committee”, ditching bras is a no brainer, you can still look cute in a summery top. For those of us who are gifted yet burdened with bigger boobs, bras are an integral lifeline both for aesthetics and not breaking our backs.

Until now!

I can honestly say in the past 3 months I have worn a “normal” bra on a handful of occasions. With little genuine reason to leave the house, myself and countless other ladies are enjoying the newfound liberty of being braless pretty much 24/7.

The hashtag #Nobraclub is booming on instagram and with the sweltering weather recently, bras and strappy tops have been substituted for bikinis and crop tops.

#nobraclub is booming

Whilst conventional bras help the girls look perkier and are the “proper” image for women, there are many more perks to taking a break from bras altogether.

Studies have shown that not wearing a bra can significantly boost blood circulation. Without straps and wires in the way, blood is able to move more freely around your upper body, giving you less strain and better breast shape. Not wearing a bra actually makes your boobs look better in the long run!

We have all probably worn the same bra for more days in a row than we would care to admit in public. Wearing bras for any length of time leads to a build up of sweat and dead skin cells. Wear them multiple days in a row and you’re prone to rashes and other discomfort. Trust me, it’s better to ditch the bra altogether.

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Bras. Are. Expensive. I don’t think I need to elaborate on this one too much further. You also get what you pay for. The £2.50 t-shirt Primark bras are a bargain but last about 1 month before they are uncomfortable and misshapen. Bralets are the way to go for cheaper support.

Whilst I could rave about the benefits of going braless for hours, I’m still not completely comfortable going without a bra. Despite wearing tops and jumpers, there’s still that weird “naked” feeling. I opt for bralets and sports bras that feel like they are barely there but make me feel a bit safe. I could wear them for days (and often do!). The thought of wearing an under-wired bra again makes me cringe to the point that I have worn the entirety of my bikini top collection multiple days in a row.

Luckily, working from home looks like it will be in force for the foreseeable future. While wearing a bikini top under business casual attire is probably highly inappropriate, I think I can modify some outfits to make them more bralet friendly. Here’s to a future of comfort and freedom!

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