Navigating Horoscopes

With life seemingly out of control for most of us in these uncertain times, it is easy to fall into a passive state of “living”. Being a self confessed control freak, I am finding as many ways to keep my life in my control while the government and social restrictions are hell bent on running it.

Since lockdown started I have used exercise, mediation and exploring new foods and hobbies such a Yoga to try and cling to what is left of “life”. Having dabbled in so many things, I thought it negligent if I didn’t explore Horoscopes and Astrology.

When it comes to Astrology, I am probably one of the biggest sceptics. I very much believe in the power of manifestation – if I tell myself I am going to achieve something, I usually do. I believe more in my own willingness than the fate or path that is laid out in the stars.

Anyhow, there is no harm in trying. I have been following my Horoscope for the past week or so and here are my findings.


There are people who believe that we choose the lives we will live before we ever arrive on this planet, Aquarius. Whether you share that belief or not, it can be a good philosophy to follow. If you believe that you had the power to choose your own circumstances, then you have the power to prevail over whatever you face. An experience you are gifted with today may show you that you do have far more power over your life than you ever knew.

As if by magic, the first one I read reflects exactly my beliefs/experiences. Is this an elaborate set up to convince me that there is some truth in astrology?


Your glass is half full. That dark cloud overhead has a silver lining. Have you noticed these things, Aquarius? Or, are you concentrating more on how much is missing from your glass, or how dark that cloud really is? While this is all a metaphor, it applies directly to you today. You have a choice. You can choose to see your current challenge as gloomy and draining. Or you can see that what you do have it quite remarkable already and can certainly get better. Hint: choosing to see the best will bring good fortune to your situation.

I guess I started the day glass half full on a beautiful bank holiday. Determined to spend some time outside in the sun. Dark clouds arrive when I get rather badly sunburned and am in terrible agony for the next few days. Don’t see to much of a silver lining on this… Let’s wallow in the (burning) gloom.


You have a very clever nemesis, Aquarius. That person is someone who can come up with a wide swath of reasons why a goal of yours will never come to be. And because that person’s arguments are so intelligent and so logical and fact based, you can’t possibly argue with them. To make things worse, that nemesis happens to be you. A current goal of yours may seem like a distance long shot, but this is a time when you need to turn your faith in yourself to make it happen rather than in the odds. You can do it.

Oddly apt. I am currently trying to change my lifestyle to be a healthier and better version of myself. At the moment this is a huge mental challenge. One week I am super motivated and others I want to give up… Lately I have had a renewed sense of purpose. Not sure if this is because I read this or I am just


You may be taking a “what you don’t know won’t hurt you” approach with someone in your life. But keeping a secret from someone who deserves to know the truth is a risky business. You may think you are simply being kind, but in the long run it might not be so kind. The truth always comes out eventually. If you have something sensitive to share, you can control how it is received by what you say and how you deliver it, and that would be kind.

Meow horoscope! Some major digging there. Honestly, I can’t think of any “secrets” right now. Whilst I am a pretty closed off person, I am quite honest with people. I believe everyone has secrets hidden away in their subconscious – whether they come to the surface is another matter.


You are an excellent problem solver, Aquarius, because you can look at most situations objectively, see all the sides and angles, and figure things out from a “bird’s-eye-view.” However, when there is an emotionally charged dilemma in your life – as there may be now – it can be far more confusing for you. For one thing, when faced with emotional matters, you sometimes tend to shut down. Today you may need to turn to an objective friend to help you sort out what you feel about a personal decision. A sounding board will clarify things for you considerably.

Ouch. This one really hits home a bit. Without getting into detail it involves an Ex and a lot of money. In situations like this, I always like to “vent” my emotions – it’s the only way I can really deal with them when they are that strong.

Final thoughts? Horoscopes can be very hit and miss. I had to actively think of how my life was relating to the metaphors in the horoscope predictions. But in attempting to do so have I ruined the magic of horoscopes and astrology? Does one have to succumb to the alignment of stars and constellations?

There have been ongoing conflicts between the world of science, psychology and astrology. Some claiming it’s a science in it’s own right and others arguing it’s a form of mindfulness, helping humans to unlock and understand their emotions.

Will I carry on checking in with horoscopes? Possibly if I am feeling like I need a little help with direction or some motivation. If astrology and horoscopes are your thing, amazing! If you like to take life one week at a time. Cool! For now, I am going to stick somewhere in between the two.

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