Home Spa Essentials

With spa retreats closed for months and no idea when they are yet to open, a day of luxury and pampering are a distance memory. Luckily, I have been doing my own spa evenings for years and have some great routines and products that make me feel like 1 million dollars (on a budget!)

Face masks are my favourite and the quickest way to feel pampered. Whether it’s a hydrating sheet mask or an exfoliating one, they leave you skin feeling soft and smooth. Here are my favourites:

I love all 4 of these products for a different reason. I will usually use the Jam face mask or Cucumber mask before I shower – usually the jam one once a week if my face is feeling particularly grubby. I use the sheet masks after a shower or just before bed so the serum can work its magic overnight. Couple these with a great morning and evening skin care routine and you will feel like an absolute goddess!

Speaking of goddesses, there is nothing more regal than lathering up in a deep bubble bath. My go-to bubble bath is Radox Muscle Soak – it smells great (not too sweet) and works wonders for tired muscles after some intense work outs. Another product I swear by for bathing is Radox’s Bath Salts:

Heaven in a bag!

Sprinkle 3/4 handfuls of these salts into a running bath and you’ll be greeted with a beautifully smelling room and some pretty pink-tinted water. These are great for people who like to have a luxurious feeling bath with less of the bubbles.

And who can forget Lush bath bombs? Bath bombs are a real treat at the end of a long week. Lush’s bath bombs are 100% natural and have some great skin-loving ingredients. My favourites are Intergalactic (of course!) and Black Rose.

I didn’t quite know how to group these so they have are a collection of the other random bits I use when having a spa night.

Now there is nothing quite like sticking a strip to your nose and ripping it off 15 minutes later with tears in your eyes and what feels like 10 layers of your skin taken off! Despite the pain, these nose pore strips are an essential to keep blackheads at bay and are part of my face mask routine.

I was gifted the Anovia Coffee Body scrub by my friend as a spa care package for my birthday and it has honestly been life changing. Whilst in the shower, simply scrub into your skin, leave for 5 minutes then rinse off. My skin feels divine afterwards! The coffee aspect not only smells great but boosts skin with caffeine making it plumper and smoother. Don’t mind if I do! (I have no idea where my friend bought this, but a google search does bring up a few options!)

The foot nourishing pack is a cute little pair of plastic booties with lots of moisturising cream and serum. Once you get over the initial squishiness of it all, it’s actually quite refreshing. A great product for keeping your feet sandal ready during the summer!

I hope these products have given you some inspiration to be able to have your own spa or pamper night in at home. If you’re reading this at the weekend, use it to chill out and go into the new week feeling refreshed. If it is a weekday, have a mini pamper session as a pick-me-up to get through to the weekend.

Whatever day or time it is.

Treat. Yo’. Self!

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