Crazy Plant Lady

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has suddenly become more invested in plants and gardening during lockdown. Unfortunately, we don’t have a garden so I have resorted to house plants to brighten up my room and quite frankly give me something to do and look after.

A trip to my closest plant place was B&Q so the choices were a little bit limited. That didn’t stop be going completely overboard and become a crazy plant lady.

… and that’s only some of them.

My room is only a tree short of a rainforest right now. I can’t remember all their names, or what their optimal environments are – I need a mini diary to keep track of them all!

I have a min cactus garden which my friend gifted me for my birthday. It was originally filled with these succulents but they outgrew their pots. This is my mini garden corner.

Seeing as medium sized trees cost an arm and a leg, I settled with some mini ones. They have been quite low maintenance so far and make the room feel nicer.

This little Peace Lily is my favourite. It’s quite tiny at the moment and looked really depressed in the shop but I’m giving it as much TLC as I can (without drowning it!)

All these have made my room quite green so I like to keep a pop of colour in it with some fresh cut flowers. At the moment, I have some sunflowers right in the window – dreamy!

Here’s hoping that I can look after these enough and my reputation of killing every plant I have doesn’t get lived up to!

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