10 Inevitable Stages of Working from Home

Ah the wonder of working from home. It’s a both a blessing and a curse in these trying times. The past 3 months have dragged and merged into one long blurry working day. Needless to say, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster so far.

I’ve learned a lot about myself whilst working from home and have loosely tracked the many stages and behaviours of working from home!

— Initial Excitement —

What? Wait. We can work from home indefinitely? No more waking up early or cramming into the London Underground before 9am. Is this a dream? I’m sure we all felt an initial rush of excitement for all the annoying things that we wouldn’t have to do anymore. The freedom of having more time to sleep, workout or watch some TV in the morning and evening was a great perk at the beginning…

— Productive Surge —

Now that I am working from home, I’m going to get so much done! Emails and spreadsheets are my passion. Cut me open and I’ll bleed PowerPoint decks. Work is me and I am work. We are one. Emails are replied to in seconds and meetings are ticked off the daily list in quick succession. For anyone else who has experienced this, you’ll know it’s very short lived!

— Sofa / Bed Desk —

If I’m going to be working from home a lot, I may as well be comfortable right? How about sitting up in bed and whipping the laptop open just before the first Zoom call of the day? I’d happily be surrounded in a pillow fort office! Unfortunately, lounging on the sofa with an overheating laptop burning its circuits into your legs isn’t the one.

— Staring —

Staring out the window. Staring through a spreadsheet. Staring at your emails until they go blurry. Staring at the speck of dust rolling across your desk. Staring at your own face on Zoom calls. There comes a time when it’s impossible to actually look at anything. Your mind becomes numbed by the mundane working from home routine. Zoning out and staring into oblivion is now the norm.

— Netflix & Chill —

There is nothing quite like opening your diary for the day and finding it completely empty… With nothing to do for the day, you’re effectively “on call” for the next project to come in. As a small cog in the corporate wheel, you know it’s unlikely that anything will come in. Feet up, Netflix on! Or just copious amounts of online shopping for things you don’t really need.

WiFi Down! —

You aren’t the only one experiencing a productivity surge and broadband providers just can’t keep up. We’ve got used to the daily 10am blackout now. Coffee break anyone?

— Headache Central —

We have all gotten to the point where we’ve had a week-long headache without really knowing the cause. Is it the extortionate screen time? Too much coffee? Maybe my brain is actively rebelling against the tinny voices debating trivial matters on Zoom. I fed my online shopping habit and invested in some blue light blocking glasses… goodbye migraines!

— Hot N’ Cold —

I flick between being a model employee, being very productive and even working a little extra time to doing the absolute bare minimum to convince people that I am logged in and working. There is no in between. Quite frankly, it’s exhausting. Spin the bottle and find out what mood I’ll be in tomorrow!

— Time is an Abstract Concept —

What day is it? What time is it? That 30 minute meeting felt like 2 hours. Time no longer exists. Logging in on a Saturday morning by accident because your routine is so ingrained that weekends are fleeting and meaningless. Maybe it’s worth logging in just for something to do during lockdown?

— Pass Me the Wine —

4:30pm is an acceptable time to crack open some wine, right? With no tangible difference between work life and home life, sometimes only natural choice to separate them is alcohol. When the laptop closes the can or bottle opens. Living la Vida Lockdown!

With all that, I’m not entirely sure if I want to be going back to the office any time soon…

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