“Downgrading” – MacBook to iPad

Back when I was a student, a MacBook was the staple item of everyone’s degree. I can’t count the number of hours I spent clicking away at the keys, producing essays and coursework or whipping it out for movie marathon nights. Fast forward 3 years later and I hardly ever open my Macbook for anything useful. Gone are the days of heavy word processing and document editing. Netflix and YouTube are my go-to and I do most of my online shopping from my phone.

After weighing up some pros and cons and some serious shopping around, I bit the bullet and downgraded from a MacBook to an iPad. Quite honestly, it’s the best decision I have made in a long time.

As someone who dabbles in creative applications, accessing the same creative power as the MacBook was a non negotiable. Luckily the iPad was a natural choice. I was relieved to find that Photoshop and Illustrator have iPad apps and connected seamlessly to the cloud so I can access things on the go. Unfortunately the apps don’t have the full functionality that a desktop version does but it wasn’t the end of the world for me. There’s also creative freedom to draw straight onto the screen (thanks to Apple Pencil), making illustrations and close work a breeze. For creatives, it’s a less clunky version of a MacBook which when you’re working in a coffee shop and lugging a bag across the city, makes a world of difference!

Another non-negotiable was access to WordPress – of course! There are a few differences between the iPad app and the browser version of WordPress but I find that having a few less options makes blogging so much quicker and easier. I can still add the media I need and use content blocks to build posts so I’m a happy bunny. It’s also so much easier for images – any photos I take on my phone or iPad are already in the library rather than having to faff about waiting for the cloud to sync photos onto the MacBook. Big win!

Fortunately, being an Apple customer already, I was able to quickly transfer all my files from my MacBook to the iPad really quickly and easily. I’ve got enough storage space to create new documents and download hundreds of apps too. I’ve actually found myself using apps more than internet browsers and am now a true convert.

It’s been a month since I’ve had the iPad and I have very few regrets. At half the price of a MacBook, but with nearly all the same capability, it’s a no brainer! I opted for a standard iPad but the iPad Pro is available which I imagine has more processing power. As with all new Apple products, you’d be looking at paying a hefty price for the iPad Pro.

In a world where streamlining is priority, I’d say “downgrading” to an iPad is a good way to go to make life a little more creative, portable and enjoyable.

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